Encouraging Words…

Love you!

You are wonderful!

You are so beautiful!

What a thoughtful thing to do….you didn’t have to.

You look great today!

You are so smart!

You’re my favorite!

You are very creative.

What a great idea!

It’s going to be alright, and I am right here with you through it all.

What are some of your favorite things to hear from others? What helps lift you up when you are down, brings a smile to your face and just makes your burden seem a little bit lighter?

For me, it has been all the wonderful comments I have received over the last few days concerning this blog. I enjoy writing, and I like to share things with others. I’m very happy to know that some of what I have to share makes you happy too.

Morris Island Lighthouse

What can you add to my little list of encouraging words? What could someone say that would make you smile and feel happy, content? What are the things you are grateful for? Everyday things and once in a while things? I would love to hear a few of your favorites too :).

It’s been a long dreary rainy day here in SC. The temps are not as warm as last week, and I truly miss the warmth. It’s suppose to rain until Friday I think. So my hands and feet will be cold for a few more days, but my heart is warm and happy now thanks to all of youl. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful night full of pleasant dreams! Angela

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Wonderful Spring….

These are pictures from the Botanical Garden in Clemson SC on 3/19/2011

Pond and Turtles!

Flower faces....
Magnolia blossom
Blooming Chinese Cherry
Reminds me of a star...
Lantern Tree, looks like dripping water

We had a wonderful day at the gardens. It was around 80 degrees that day. It was only around 60 today….brrrrrrr! Can’t wait until the temps stay up….. Hope you are having a great week. 🙂 Angela

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So There Was This Pencil On The Floor…..

I have been busy! I have several pictures to show you of the bias tape being ironed out from that lo-o-o-ong piece of material I made a few days ago. I am having a few technical difficulties posting my pics, so please bear with me if the placement seems awkward.

My biased point of view

I started out with a 4 inch wide strip of cloth I described a few days ago. You fold each side in to meet in the middle and iron flat, with the wrong sides of the material to the inside of the fold. So that is the picture you see here.

The long of it...

It was a lot of material as I said, and it was very difficult to iron it all correctly. It wanted to pile up in the floor off of the ironing board, so I resorted to pinning one end down to my board while I continued folding and pressing towards the other end. When you have this step completed, you then fold the tape in half and iron again to bring it down to about a 1 inch width. It took a little time, but a few steam burns later I had finished my bias tape! Yay!

Next I will begin sewing this long piece of tape to my daughter’s apron….we are getting closer and closer to a finished product! I can hardly wait!!!

Now, you are asking…..what does all this have to do with a pencil? Well, a few years ago I lived in an apartment in Upstate SC. Working on this bias tape has reminded of an apartment story I would like to share. It was a large, nice basement apartment. It was very open and well lit with high ceilings, didn’t feel like a basement at all. I was out in the country too. It really was a nice apartment.

One day I decided to take my bath in the early afternoon, I had been outside working in my yard and needed to bathe very badly. I am near sighted as well, but of course don’t wear my glasses while in the tub. At the time of this story I didn’t wear contacts either, just glasses. 🙂 This is an important point. I started my water, stripped off my dirty clothes and of course laid my glasses on the counter to climb in my tub. Only I forgot I had the tea kettle on, and when it started whistling at me, I jumped out to turn it off. Turned the stove off, moved the kettle, problem solved. Back to that bath, yay!

Walking back to the bathroom, I thought I caught a glimpse of something move at the edge of the bathroom door. I started stepping into the room, but suddenly stopped. Why? Because the pencil I thought I saw in the floor started moving away from me….very quickly! I jumped back as well, not sure what in the world I was going to do completely naked and half blind! I squinted around, thankfully knowing where most things were in my small bathroom, at this point including the snake. I reached over as far as I could and grabbed my toilet brush, and then reached under the sink for a trash can I had there. I threw the trash in the sink, and again reached out  pinning the little critter to the wall as best I could with the toilet brush, and scooping the offender inside the trash can, I quickly carried can and snake out my front door into the yard.

I look down into the can, I guess checking that I hadn’t lost the baby king snake in my short walk down the hall. Yep, he was still there. I could see his tiny little tongue whipping out tasting the air every few seconds. I ran all the way across the yard. I decided it was time for a new trash can anyway, and then threw the can and snake into my woods. Then I remembered…… I was naked! I had just jumped out of my tub a few minutes ago…..ooooooooooppss! 😀

As I said earlier, I lived in the country. As far as I know no one but Mother Nature saw me in my Birthday Suit. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t the end of my adventure. Over the next 6 days I had 7, count ’em, 7 baby king snakes slithering around with me in that apartment, some in my pantry, some in my kitchen, some in my living room. Thankfully none of them ever made it into my bedroom, as far as I know. Le sigh. Let’s just say that I’m very glad I don’t live in that apartment anymore. I like my new house just fine.

Grandma’s Briefs had a fine story of unwanted critters that prompted my remembrance of today’s story. They got to play with scorpions, yikes! So far everyone is ok. So, what about you? What strange and crazy creatures have you happened upon? Any bug stories to share? I bet there are some real creepy crawlies in somebody’s history! I can’t wait to hear. 🙂 Now be warned, my next picture might disturb you a little bit…..

My Days as a Snake Handler...

What am I doing with this picture you ask? Well, several years before my king snake adventure I worked at a zoo. I led educational shows for the visitors and this is a picture of me with one of the python’s. No, that’s a boa constrictor. I didn’t like my king snake visitors, they were inside my house and uninvited. But I did like working with the big snakes at the zoo. More importantly, I was wearing my glasses….and my CLOTHES! These snakes never paid me any visits inside my home, or I wouldn’t have been as fond of them either. 🙂

Hope you have a lovely uneventful weekend! I promise, no more snake pictures. Not even bias tape snakes…..Angela




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Don’t Let it Change You in Your Soul…

Don’t let it turn you, the thing that changed your soul. It has the capacity to render you incapacitated. Heard this in a TV show.  That sentence seems funny to me… capacity… incapacitated…. both in the same sentence meaning something totally different. Words that are similar but different.  Don’t know why I laughed, but I did. My grandmother’s last name was laughter, but someone changed the way it was pronounced so it became Law-ter. Seems strange to me, but that’s what happened. I wonder if when whomever decided to change it had suffered a changing of their soul.

I feel fragmented. I feel like I’m in pieces instead of whole. I am drowning in my life and I’m not sure I can keep kicking to swim. Do I want to keep kicking? I think so. I don’t want to not be here. I just feel so very very tired a lot of the time. It’s not a fun feeling.  Have you ever had a thing happen to you that broke part of you? Something that hurt you so bad you couldn’t really recover from it? I have recovered from several soul wrenching things. But this time I feel weird, like it’s broke and I can’t fix it. I am disillusioned by church, by some friends, by ex husbands, by former bosses. But I don’t have to focus on these things, right? I can focus on better things if I will just remember to. Like the customer yesterday whom I’ve been working with for almost 2 years. He started out a belligerent man, a belligerent customer, upset with the changes in business that brought me to his office to be his agent. I worked on his policies to help if I could. I found things we could change that did help him, and I was able to help him again this year. His wife called me. She wanted to thank me for working so hard to help them. She really wanted me to know how much she appreciated me working to help them. It was a great call. Mostly I get the “why do I have to pay for insurance” kinda calls. So this one was really nice. I need to think on these things to encourage myself.

I read something earlier that I really, really liked:

Fly with those who see the power of your wings…..
4th January 2011 by melody under Everyday Brave

Fly with those who see the best in you.

Fly with those who inspire you to be better.

Fly with those who are going the direction that you want to go.

Fly with those who believe in riding the wind.

Fly with those who see the power of your wings………

It’s from brave girls club on line. Fly with those who see the power of your wings……Do I need to see it too to fly, or can I fly even in doubt? I’m not sure but I don’t think so. It sounds or reads so sappy or sad now that I am writing all this out….but that’s the way it is. My cheerleader capacity seems to be eluding me at the moment. I will ponder those things that are good in my life right now, including the good customers, instead of being stuck in a playback loop of all the junk I deal with. I can do this. And I want to.

I also want to sew my daughter’s apron this weekend, or at least get started on it. I have cut it all out, and even have the bias tape made. My next post will be all about that:). So I should be able to start sewing. We’ll see. It will be great. She is a ’50’s kinda gal and the apron is modeled after a vintage style with black and white fabrics she picked out, and  they look great together. I would have gone for way more color, but the patterns are nice and it really looks fantastic all laid out. I will also be blogging about the process of sewing the apron together. 🙂 At least that is my intention.

Valentine Cookie

I also want to write and share my favorite cookie recipes from Christmas. I made a kick ass giant heart cookie for Boyfriend for Valentine’s day too. He ate every bit of it. It was over half a batch of dough. I’m glad he liked it.

I hope I stop being so easily discouraged. I struggle occasionally with depression, and the situations in my workplace are feeding the discouraged side more than the encouraged part gets fed. I am there 8 hours and 45 minutes five days a week. How do people keep going to a job they despise? How do we keep working in situations we hate? I’m not really sure at this point. I am not happy in my present situation. I keep hoping I will have the next great idea that will make me wealthy enough to not need to work there. Until then, I need to be able to pay my bills. So there I am. Another day, another dollar as my grandfather use to say. Le sigh.

I feel like I’ve changed, but not for the better. At least not yet. I want to have my hope renewed, my faith strengthened, my joy increased. I will keep working towards these ends. If you have any encouraging words for me, please feel free to share them. I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, g’nite all. Pleasant dreams……. Angela

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