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My Daddy

I have an awesome Dad. He is funny, loves to tell stories of things he did way back when.  He loves to pull a prank on us too when he can. I remember one year we were having a Halloween party at home. There were about 10 kids there, including me and my sister. Daddy had slipped outside and covered himself in a blanket. It wasn’t dark yet outside, just getting dusky. All we knew was all of a sudden something was scratching and moaning at the window and it looked like a blue/gray spook! My poor sister just happened to be sitting at that window with a bowl of popcorn, and as soon as the moaning started, we were all screaming, and her popcorn went up in the air and all over the place! She jumped up and ran down the hall to our room. It was a little while before we figured out what was going on too. It was a great Halloween party, we definitely got spooked! :)

I want to wish any fathers reading my blog a very Happy Father’s Day! I hope you have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon, Angela

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