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Russia: Live Action Grand Theft Auto?

20 Feb

Jon Stewart shares his usual hilarious insights to the recent events in Russia, starting with the reaction to the huge meteorite that exploded over the country a few days ago. This one really had me cracking up. Enjoy! Angela



14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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8 Things To Do Today…

15 Jan

1. Make someone smile.
2. Make someone laugh.
3. Make someone cry out of too much laughter.
4. Tell someone: “I love you.”
5. Find a flower and share it’s beauty.
6. Look a friend in the eye and tell them: “My life is richer because of you. Thank you for being a part of my life.”
7. Think up your own #7 to do.
8. Be awesome.

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The Gravity of the Situation….

12 Dec

Not my normal Monday post, just a song I love from a musical that I really enjoyed. I think I’ll try defying gravity myself, I’ll let you know how the broom rides, wanna come along? :)

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I LOVE This Picture….

02 Aug

Final lift off:

This was  a Win! found at

I never got to see a shuttle launch in person, but this is a wonderful picture.

Thanks to whomever anonymously shared it. Angela

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